Welcome to our new website

It has been a long time coming. The new re-launched Little Lamb Kidz website showcases early childhood development brand RCU, Respect Compassion and Understanding. Our children characters through early childhood teaching will target themes in these areas such as bullying and harassment. Child development stages in Little Lamb Kidz show messaging that teach children in the groups of 2 to 6 year old life lessons such as conflict resolution.

To convey the messaging of RCU the website is promoting the new Little Lamb Kidz animated pilot along with interactive applications such as word puzzles and coloring book. As the parent company Little Lamb Properties develops content for Little Lamb Kidz, marketing efforts through social media plan to take the message of RCU viral. KidzClub is a place to build our fan base membership. This will give all of the Little Lamb Kidz followers first access to new activities, products and content before the general public. They will be alerted of new animated episodes as they are ready for release.

Along with the young followers of Little Lamb Kidz, parents and associations will have the opportunity to learn more about RCU and how to engage the conversation. The syllabus and curriculum of RCU is currently being developed to assist in a structured format to engage in childhood development teaching.