Respect, Compassion & Understanding – Part 4

The Foundation of Child Development Milestones

(4th of a 6 Part Series) 

In the last article, we established the role that the school system has in engaging in the lessons of respect, compassion and understanding at even the earliest ages. In fact, we presented the argument that the school system can act as the impetus for the parents to bring these concepts in the home. This article sharpens the respective roles of the school system and the parents in weaving these life lessons in the fabric of your child. Am I espousing this premise just to support my arguments – you need look no further than the huge attention and emphasis on anti-bullying campaigns  throughout our pre-school and elementary school systems today. Granted, the more notorious and damaging forms of bullying take place in the secondary and high school grades, but at this stage, it is more the stick rather than the carrot that is deployed for control. One cannot argue the premise that getting to the child early with the carrot will greatly reduce the number of incidents and the need for the stick in these later grades.

So if the school system does their part to stimulate the parent in bringing these lessons into the home, and the parents do their part by acting on this message and having it prominently displayed thoughout the house in various media and paraphanalia (pajamas, toys, reading books, ect.), then we’re home free, right? Ah, but the power of peer pressure is waiting right around the corner to disrupt all you have accomplished in this area. It is also the focus of the 5th in this six part series.

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