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    Atlanta, GA (April 2, 2018) – Out of Many, We Are One is the rallying cry behind the child development media company, Little Lamb Properties LLC. The brainchild of Atlanta businessman Rodney Henderson, Little Lamb Properties™ shines the spotlight on conflict resolution at an early age, an issue that many parents look to address with their children, but at times just don’t know how. “By launching this program in the classroom, we are putting these character building lessons of respect, compassion and understanding in the hands of the professionals,” said Henderson. “We then supplement these lessons with the most powerful form of diversified learning experiences that offer the material in several formats to encourage the child to learn in the way that is of the most interest to them(and almost assuredly, adults) – through entertainment!” he goes on to say. “What better way for a lesson to take hold than to come home from school and see the very lessons learned that day replayed in a variety of children’s media formats, such as: books, video, music, family activities.” 

Adhering strictly to CASEL (Center of Academic, Social and Emotional Learning) guidelines, the Company’s proprietary RCU™ (Respect, Compassion and Understanding) curriculum will be launched in pilot programs starting March of 2018.

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About Little Lamb Properties LLC

Little Lamb Properties LLC is an Atlanta-based children’s media company that produces curriculums, media content and merchandise featuring a diverse set of children’s characters whose theme is based around social emotional learning.